LED market expands

Including Streetlight, solar streetlight, tunnellight, floodlight, all of outdoor led products; and tube, downlight, spotlight, all of indoor led products, neo-bright have created many legendary progress, leading global LED to a new world.

By adopting new technologies, neo-bright have made many progress in solving problems faced by all other led manufacturers, which refered as heat balance, fluorescent power, high power light source and so on. All of these made us an outstanding manufacturer and R&D center of LED products.

Also by cooperating with CREE, and testing and adopting newest CREE chips, we proved a lot. The most outstanding point is about the heat balance and packaging structure of the light source of LED, and the organic fluorescent power that are widely used in all our LED products. The effects of light source reached 130lm/w by using 108lm/w, together with new fluorescent power. We have acquired international patents on these three points. And in the meanwhile, these three points made us comfident to gurantte 4 years freely on our LED products. And this is unique in the world.