• LED Down Light is a sort of point lighting fixture providing decoration & lighting function, widly used in General Lighting & Decoration fields like commercial display, arts design, architecture, home furnishing, amusement place, etc..

    LED Down Light use high-power LED components as light source, installed inside the special designed metal housing which has secondary optical capability, emitting various color light and lighting effect. Compared with traditional light source, LED Down Light has the advantages like stable, high luminous efficacy, low power consumption, safe, environment-friendly, easy mounting, maintenance-free, long life, and can completely replace traditional Down light.


    In accordance with the Watt: 1*1W or 1*2W,3*1W or 3*2W,5*1W or 5*2W,6*1W or 6*2W,9*1W or 9*2W,12*1W or 12*2W,18*1W or 18*2W,24*1W or 24*2W.

    In accordance with the dimmer function:Dimmer or not

Model Name : FV-DL-12*1W
Description : 12*1W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 12W or 24W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 850lumen
Model Name : FV-DL-7*1W
Description : 7*1W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 7W or 14W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 540lumen
Model Name : FV-DL-6*1W
Description : 6*1W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 6W or 12W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 470lumen
Model Name : FV-DL-5*1W
Description : 5*1W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 5W or 10W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 400lumen
Model Name : FV-DL-3*2W
Description : 3*2W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 6W or 3W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 250lumen
Model Name : FV-DL-1*3W
Description : 1*1W LED Downlight
Base : 2 Pins
Watt : 1*3W or 1*1W
Voltage : 85--264V AC
Lumen : 140lumen